2007 Annual CES Conference
Culture, Community and Social Justice in Evaluation – Do the Pieces Fit?

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Effective Evaluation Planning: The Why and How Revealed (04) [EN]

François Dumaine and Carrie Bibik, PRA Inc.

June 3, 2007, 9:00am - 12:00pm - Intermediate - 20 seats

Planning studies and evaluability assessments can be useful tools for program managers and evaluators alike. Through a combination of lectures and interactive group activities, this workshop explores the five W's and the how of planning studies and evaluability assessments. Together, workshop participants will explore the purpose of planning studies, who conducts them, how they fit in the evaluation continuum, what components and tasks they include, and how they can strengthen the practice of evaluation. At the conclusion of this workshop, in addition to understanding the role and benefits of planning studies, participants will have a toolkit of best practices for conducting or managing a planning study and for transitioning from a planning study or evaluability assessment to the evaluation phase.


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