Congrès annuel 2007 de la SCÉ
Culture, communauté et justice sociale dans le secteur de l'évaluation – Est-ce que les pièces s'imbriquent les unes dans les autres?

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Handling Data: From Logic Model to Final Report (01) [EN]

Gail V. Barrington Ph. D., President, Barrington Research Group

3 juin 2007, 13 h 00 - 16 h 00 - Intermediate - 25 places

This technical workshop will look at effective ways to handle evaluation data, beginning with what data to collect. The presentation will explore how to develop and link a program theory, a holistic logic model, a data collection matrix, and evaluation tools. Gail will show you how to ask the right questions and get the answers you need. Then she will provide some ways to organize data once it is collected—how to develop a data summary that triangulates the information collected from different sources, how to extract themes, and how to prepare an evidence table. Finally, she will briefly discuss the preparation of the final report, using the Bond & Rae report rubric and she will provide examples of ways to present data. Throughout the workshop, Gail will facilitate group discussion to answer participants' questions as they arise. She looks forward to sharing some of the "tips of the trade" that she has either learned or developed over the last 20 years to ensure that her evaluation studies are both sound and useful.


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