Congrès annuel 2007 de la SCÉ
Culture, communauté et justice sociale dans le secteur de l'évaluation – Est-ce que les pièces s'imbriquent les unes dans les autres?

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Evaluation Goes Virtual (02) [EN]

Dr. Harry Cummings, Director, Harry Cummings and Associates and Professor, University of Guelph

3 juin 2007, 9 h 00 - 16 h 00 - Intermediate - 20 places

Evaluation moves into the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) age. This workshop describes how we adopt/adapt to the age of ICT, make use of the technology and work within budget to achieve results. This workshop presents techniques/methodology to conduct focus groups for audiences that cannot be brought together because of budget constraints, time and distance. The workshop will outline the methods used, strength and weakness of the approach; and several case studies based on experience in using WEBEX, Microsoft Live Meeting and MSN.
The second half of the workshop will be a practical session. It will demonstrate and give exposure to the virtual focus group. The participants are expected to bring their laptops and have wireless internet access. Participants will do a simulated focus group using one or two of the software packages and using an evaluation topic of common interest. Participants will take turns playing the facilitator role and the participant role. White Boards, word files and PowerPoint visuals will be loaded into the virtual focus group. The pros and cons will be discussed.


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